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The Division of Thoracic Surgery

Site:The Division of Thoracic Surgery
Position:Complex Building 3F
TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 5043


The thoracic surgery division is the leading diagnostic and therapeutic medical center of thoracic diseases in central Taiwan. Our service includes treatment of pulmonary, tracheal, mediastinal, chest wall, esophageal and gastric cardia diseases. We perform more than 200 lung cancer surgeries, and more than 80 esophageal cancer surgeries, annually. Our future goals include: first, to provide a comprehensive medical service and rehabilitation program to serve patients suffering from thoracic disease; second, to create an educational and resourceful research environment for training of thoracic surgeons; and third, to offer integrated and cost-effective medical care through internal cultural reform and flexible management. In addition to general thoracic operations, our team also takes lead in the following fields:1. Minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery(pneumothorax, hyperhidrosis palmaris, bromidrosis, facial flushing ,myasthenia gravis): we successfully carried out the first video-assisted thoracoscopic thymectomy for myasthenia gravies by subxiphoid bilateral approach, and the first thoracoscopic sympathectomy in central Taiwan. 2.Lung transplantation : we successfully carried out the first lung transplantation in central Taiwan. 3.Tracheal stenosis : we are the referral center for treatment of difficult airway stenosis. 4.Thoracic oncology research : we are also the most authoritative research institute for thoracic oncology in central Taiwan.