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A Short Guide for Outpatient Visits to Taichung Veterans General Hospital

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LastUpdate:2019/5/30 14:20:03

1. Registration
(1) First-Time Visitor: 

Documents Hours Place Procedure
1. ID / passport / Alien Residence Certificate 

2. Health Insurance Card
7:00 – 16:00 
(for registration) 
9:00 – 
(clinic hours for morning sessions) 14:00 
(clinic hours for afternoon sessions)
【Monday – Friday】
Customer Services Center in the Outpatient Building. 

No 4 or No 5 counter in the Outpatient Building
1. Filling out information to make a medical record. 
2. Going to the clinic

1.Picking up a ticket from the ticket machine, wait till the number shows on the displaying board 
2. Filling out information to make a medical record and register. 
3. Going to the clinic
3. 3 photos     (for vocational physical checkup only) 
Items checked include: 
1. blood drawing for AIDS 
2. stool sample for parasites 
3. X ray  
4. MMR injection record

(2) Second-Time Visitor and Afterwards 
After the first visit, pre-registration can be made by voice service: 04-23592311- 5 
(Please use the index number on the right upper corner of the receipt for medical fees)
2. Going to the Clinic Rooms
3. Payment

Date Location
Monday - Friday Outpatient Building / 2nd Medical Building
Saturdays No. 4 / No. 5 Counter, Outpatient Building

4. Medicine Pickup

Date Location
Monday - Friday Pharmacies in the Outpatient Building / 2nd Medical Building
Saturdays Emergency Pharmacy (Base 1, Emergency Building )

Patient guide flow chart

Step 1. Registration (Outpatient Building)
Step 2. Go to the clinic rooms for treatment
Step 3. Fee Assessment and Payment (at counters in the Outpatient Building)
Step 4. Medicine Pick-up (at the Pharmacy in the Outpatient Building)
Step 5. End

For questions: 04-23592525-2025